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Treballem numeració bàsica


DIY Number Puzzles

I’ve been seeing number puzzles all over Pinterest.  These puzzles are ideal for independent centers for working with number order.  They’ve been printing the  puzzles on card stock and cutting and the pieces.  That’s a great idea, but I thought if we created the puzzles on craft sticks they’d be much more durable and will last for years to come.  Sure, it’s a little more work on the front-end, but it’s so well worth the effort.
Making your own puzzles is super easy.  All you’ll need is Mod Podge, large craft sticks and pictures.  I created my own pictures on the computer which you could download for free.  You could also copy your own photographs on a printer or use pictures from magazines.
NumberPuzClick the following link to download 6 pictures to create your own puzzles Number Puzzle Pictures
The first step in the process is to line up your craft sticks and tape them together.  The pictures in the printable above are designed for 10 craft sticks.
 Now flip the sticks over and coat the top of the sticks with a thin layer of Mod Podge.
Adhere your picture to the sticks.  Watch for bubbles.  You’ll have to rub them out.  Then cover the top of the picture with a thin layer of Mod Podge.
Now simply write the numbers on each stick.  I numbered my sticks 1-10, but you could easily number the sticks 11-20.
After the Mod Podge has completely dried, remove the tape from the back and cut along the edges of the craft stick with an X Acto knife.
Well, that’s it!  Really!  Have fun creating your number puzzles.  Your kiddos will love them.
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