The Triad Tree

When teaching watercolor classes, I often see students struggle with what I consider one of the joys of watercolor. I’m referring to the joys of color mixing.

The Triad Tree is a simple demo using a primary triad and letting the colors mix on the paper.

Above is the painting set-up. I’m using American Journey Joe’s Blue, Sour Lemon and Pomegranate.
Mist the paper first and then tap in yellow.
Next, tap in red.
Next, blue.
All three colors have been tapped in. Ready for the fun to begin?
Bring out the mister and pull the trigger!
Now, wait.  No hair dryers and no brushes allowed until the tapped in primaries are dry. When dry, use a brush to add trunk and base of tree. A palette knife works well for adding branches.
But, It’s autumn! Be adventurous! Experiment with color. The discoveries of created colors while color mixing on paper are endless.

Knowing trees,

 I understand the meaning of patience.

–Hal Borland

 Knowing watercolor

helps with that too :)